Thursday, 28 July 2011

beach visitors

beach babes

beach life

I am so happy! We all are! My grandad dances round the aisles of Waitrose in Dorchester with utter joy. Our days are filled with swimming, catching crabs (and throwing them back again, of course) and spending ten plus hours at the beach. From sunrise to sunset all that fills our thoughts is reading and swimming and sandcastle building and what to eat for lunch.  Some days it is quiet and peaceful at the beach, our visitors have left and the clouds arrive. Though I adore that too, these pictures of raucous days with as many people as possible crammed into our little beach hut make me happier than anything. I love my family beyond imaginings!


  1. Lovely photos:) looks like you´re having a great time. enjoy! x

  2. Beautiful photos!! Looks like a blast- I miss the beach!

  3. I like the little boy in the Arsenal shirt best. He has great taste. :))

  4. That would be my cousin! I'll let him know ;)


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