Saturday, 9 July 2011

Our very own sisterhood.


The sisterhood, Dubrovnik's old harbour, 'C-A-S-T-L-E', dinner by the sea, shuttered windows and a best friend, sitting on the dock of the bay.

This past week felt as if I were living in my very own Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants fantasy....six best friends, one Adriatic city, numerous occasions where we jumped into the ocean from a clifftop. Okay, okay - so we lack a magical pair of pants which fit all of us perfectly, but we more than make up for that with our friendship, endless giggling, shamelessness, our closeness which brings us together even when we are apart. We spent the week in Dubrovnik, occasionally venturing by boat to several islands which sit like a necklace on the Croatian coastline. We ate life-threatening quantities of ice cream, enamoured many a Croatian waiter, danced down the Stradun in the dark, explored an abandoned hotel, tried to spell out various words in photographs with little success and went about our way without a care in the world. Everything was magical in its own way: the laughter, the fact we lost all sense of time and the crystal clear azure of the sea. Really, who needs a pair of pants? 


  1. I love it when life mirrors art. First photo particularly glorious. That's it, I'm going to get my friends to Croatia in any way I can.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. Looks so fun! and what beautiful photos!

  3. It sounds unbelievably perfect. I've never been to Croatia, but it certainly looks beautiful. : )

  4. If you get a chance, go...I could hardly believe how breathtaking it was.

  5. How beautiful your holiday sounds! And not just in physicality, but in experiences and camaraderie.


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