Saturday, 25 June 2011


Today was a wonderful day.
My mother and I went swimming in the early morning.
Then we ate eggs on toast and omelette in a neighbourhood cafe (I felt like I was in Gilmore Girls!)
We walked 'round town, visited thrift stores and bought vintage shoes and a straw tote.
I drove to my grandparents' house with my dad, admired my grandad's garden and sat in the kitchen talking with my grandma and felt glad that some things never change.
I watched lots of ER re-runs and didn't feel a bit guilty for not being productive.
I finished unpacking the boxes and boxes in my room and contemplated lots of important things in the process.
I read the weekend newspapers with the company of our darling cats.
I lay on the grass in the dying sunlight and felt happy as I've ever been.

newly thrifted shoes

magical light

SLR summer pictures 194

It was a perfect Saturday, a perfect first day home, with little time to be homesick for my house in Bristol to which I have now bid farewell (though I miss my friends and bicycle dearly.)


  1. Oh how I love your shoes! They are the most divine colour! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  2. B and I love Gilmore Girls! My dream is to be a small-town lawyer i a place like Star's Hollow. ;P

  3. Your day does sound wonderful. Between this post and your last you certainly know how to stock each moment with special, fulfilling memories.

    Look at the kitty-cat stretching! I love when they do that.


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