Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the little things I will miss about here

  • the view of lush, leafy gardens and assorted windows from my little room
  • Boston Tea Party (their beyond perfect brownies especially)
  • coffee dates with Holly, wonderful housemate and friend of two years
  • the majestic first glimpse of the Suspension Bridge
  • the Downs, which always make me feel entirely at peace
  • spending Wednesday afternoons in the company of wise old ladies and musical friends
  • the little Victorian villa that houses some of my favourite teachers in the world
  • chatty, intelligent, endlessly fun and engaging friends
  • rainy Saturdays (Bristol does them best) spent with a book and a steaming pot of tea
  • Victoria Square Park and its gorgeous trees
  • Tuesday morning farmer's market with Emmy
  • the Union, in all its ugly functionality
  • the cherry blossom tree outside the French department
  • cycling around Clifton on Sunday mornings
  • our cute Victorian house and the kind, fun, accepting people who live inside it

sunny suspension bridge days

view from my window


Bristol Summer Term 060

Bristol Summer Term 169

Bristol, I love you (for sentimental reasons). 


  1. You're back! Excellent! It's always sad, or at least nostalgic, leaving a place. With places I especially love, I'm inconsolable for several weeks before hand, morosely thinking "this may be the last time I walk down this street," and other such things.

    Bristol, as you describe it, sounds lovely. It's never really been on my radar, but I love Victorian architecture in most of its forms.

  2. Bristol was always the city of Diana Wynne Jones and Polly's labyrinth (read Fire & Hemlock!) to me. Now I'm glad I've got some new things to associate it with. Isembard Brunel has one of the most awesome names I've ever heard.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  3. I'm happy to see your new blog up and running! Sentimentality attached to places is a special thing. There's a fulfilling sense of appreciation mixed in with it. I feel inspired now to make a list of the little things I love about my favorite places.


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