Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer...

pears in our garden

tea for two

The first of autumnal fruits, blackberry picking with two of the most wonderful girls I know, the advent of Brown-eyed Susan lookalikes in our back garden, morning tea with my mother (I will miss this, dearly), packed lunches and trips to our park to play badminton and rounders with the neighbours. The silly season is upon's just nice.


  1. Do you have a new camera? :))

  2. Thank you! And nope, Arianne, same SLR with 50mm lens I've had for four years. I use my little camera sometimes though when I can't be bothered to carry around my big one! :)

  3. I am smitten with the last photo oh-so-very much. It exudes such a lovely calm. And badminton! I haven't played this summer. Such a shame.


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